How to connect wireless Printer to Mac?

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Wireless Printer has become one of the most used items these days. Because with the help of such printers you would be able to carry out a print of any of your required/essential documents or presentation without actually connecting the Printer to your system with the help of any wires.

But the biggest issue most of the people face with wireless printers is that they are unaware of how to connect their wireless Printer to their system. If you are one of such people, then make sure to follow this guide till the end, as here we are going to have a look at the steps for how to connect wireless Printer to Mac.

How to connect wireless Printer to Mac?

How to connect wireless Printer to Mac?

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow for connecting wireless Printer to your Mac.

  • Selecting your Wi-Fi network- In the first step, you would have to choose your Wi-Fi network and that you can do by taking advantage of the in-built control features of your Wi-Fi printer. In case if you are using a secured network, then you would have to fill the username and password of that secured network.
  • Installing drivers- Here is the second step that you need to follow, which is to install all the drivers related to your Wi-Fi printer. For that, you can fetch the CD that you must have got with your Printer, whereas if you have no CD, then you can directly visit the website of printer manufacturer and download the software of your Printer.

Make sure whenever you download the printer drivers, give proper attention to the printer model.

  • Heading towards the settings- In the third step you would have to open System Preferences that you can open from the Dock or if you are unable to open it from there, then have a look at the Apple logo at the top left corner. Click on it and under the menu you will find System Preferences.

Click on it for opening the settings.

  • Printer & Fax settings- Once you have reached the System Preferences corner, then you have to move to the Print & Fax option.
    From the Print & Fax options you would have to select on the + icon with the help of which you would be able to get access to the IP tab and hence can fill the IP address of your Wi-Fi printer’s network, also don’t forget to add the queue name.
  • Printer Driver- When you will finish the step of filling up the IP address then from the drop-down menu, you would have to select the correct Printer driver and hence click on the Add button.

Hence with the help of these steps, you would be able to notice Printer under the corner of the available device, and whenever you try to print a document with your Wireless printer, you would have to click on it.

In the complete process, you would need to have the Printer driver CD/DVD, or if you are unable to get the CD/DVD, then you should get the correct printer driver software downloaded.

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