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www.kindle.com/support is a official website to get Help & support with Kindle. Kindle is a E-Book reader launched by Amazon in 2007, Amazon originally used the code name Fiona for this device. Then Branding consultants Michael Cronan and Karin Hibma suggested the name Kindle which means light a fire.

Why we choose Kindle as E-Book reader?

Now days smart phones and tablets are all the features which you need even E-book reading as well, but still the screen of tablet and smart phones are harsher on your eyes than an E-reader. Amazon was absolutely not the first company who launched E-book reader that was Sony who launched E-book reader in 2004. But when the first Kindle was launched by Amazon in 2007 that was sold in just 5 hours. The reason behind this initial success is Amazon’s huge library of E-content.

The quality of Kindle product and extra features helps to remained a best seller E-book reader. The crystal clear display of Amazon kindle is easy for eyes even you can read in sun light without any issue. Just with 4GB of space this E-book reader can hold hundreds of books. If you need any help with Kindle visit kindle.com/support official website.

What are the best Kindles in 2020?

  1. Amazon Paperwhite Kindle (2018)
  2. Amazon Kindle 2019
  3. Amazon Kids edition Kindle
  4. Amazon Oasis Kindle (2019)

Common Problems with Kindle and solutions.

How to reset Kindle Password Without losing Data?

Kindle Password forgotten is one of the most common issue raised by Kindle E-book reader users. Kindle contains lots of E-books and data so while you forgot Kindle password Everyone look for “how to reset Kindle password without losing Data?”. Below mentioned steps will instruct you to reset Kindle password forgotten. As in android phones we use Google account password to use or manage device in same manner on Kindle Amazon account password will be used. So to login on kindle you need to reset Amazon account password

  • Open Amazon website and in Account & list tab click on Sign in option.
Kindle helpline UK
  • In next screen you will see Need help option, click on that.
Kindle customer support UK
  • Once you click on Need help, Forgot password option will appear on same screen as showing in below image. Click on Forgot password option.
  • Now on Password assistance screen Enter your registered email or Phone number and then press continue.
  • Now you need to authenticate you Amazon Kindle account by providing OTP on this screen, press continue.
Kindle contact UK
  • On next screen you need to create new Password for Kindle Amazon account.
Kindle help UK

Note: In above method to reset Kindle Forgotten password you won’t lose your Data. If still not able to reset Kindle password or facing any other issue then visit kindle.com/support official website for Kindle.

Kindle won’t Connect to WIFI.

There are many reasons Why Kindle won’t connect to WIFI, below you will find the solution for Why Kindle not connecting to WIFI.

  1. Make sure you do not Activated airplane mode on Kindle, if its activated then turn ON WIFI by going to more settings.
  2. Now reboot your Kindle device.
  3. Make sure your Kindle charged completely.
  4. Now reset your Kindle to Factory settings.

Note: If you do not have your WIFI password then check with your Internet service provider or reset by login to your WIFI router.

Kindle Won’t charge

Some time Kindle refuse charging or Kindle won’t charge to fix this problem follow give steps.

  1. Completely turn OFF your Kindle and plugged in with charger for couple hours.
  2. Try the same charger with other Kindle or device to make sure charger is OK.
  3. If charging indication light not showing try to push the cable in further.
  4. If charging port is lose and not connecting to cable, ask for replacement at www.kindle.com/support
  5. Make sure you are using original charging cable that comes with Kindle.

How do you fix a black screen on Kindle?

Kindle black screen error is easy to fix, just follow mentioned steps below.

  1. Press and hold power button until a power dialog box screen appears.
  2. Continue holding the power button for 40-50 seconds then release it.
  3. Now turn ON your Kindle and check it will work fine.
  4. If still same issue occurs visit www.kindle.com/support to reach experts.

How to contact Kindle Support UK?

To contact Kindle support UK there are several options, here we will tell you all the possible steps which helps in Kindle support UK.

  • Visit Kindle Support official page Kindle.com/support .
  • Now select Fire tablet & Phones option.
Contact Kindle helpine UK
  • Now select your Kindle model.
Kindle helpline number UK
  • Now you will find all the solutions for Kindle device on this page.
  • After login to your Amazon account click here
  • Now select option which you want for Amazon support UK like Chat option or call.
Kindle support UK
  • Click on call me button then select Devices fire tablet, click on phone then enter your phone number press call me now.
  • Within few seconds you will receive call from Amazon, follow IVR to connect with Amazon support UK expert.

If you want to install Brother printer on Kindle fire tablet then visit solutions.brother.com/windows for further instructions.

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