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AOL Customer care number requires when you need to fix AOL email problems. AOL mail is a useful software that is provided by AOL. It is a web-based email service. It provides a protective and comfortable email service to its users. It is a free service provided by AOL. AOL mail is one of the best email service software. It comes up with the various features which make its service even better.

AOL Customer care number
AOL Customer care number

Some of the features of the AOL mail are:

  1. One of the best features of the AOL mail is that it comes up with viruses and malware protection.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. It also provides spam protection.
  4. Its email attachment limit is 25 MB.
  5. It has the capacity of a maximum of 250 GB if all the messages have 25 MB attachment.
  6. It provides the link to the other email accounts from other service providers.

All these are some features of the AOL mail software. Although it has good features sometimes a user can face some problems while using the software. There are some issues that can be tackled by the users while operating their AOL mail services. To resolve these issues you can contact the AOL EMAIL CUSTOMER CARE SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER USA.

Troubleshooting issues faced by the users are:

Forget Email Id password

 If have forgotten your email Id password then it will cease you to use your AOL email services. But you can restore your password so you need not be a worry. To restore your password you need to choose the forget password option. By following the procedure you will easily restore your AOL email Id password.

Not working on a mobile browser

One of the most common problems faced by the users is that your AOL email account is not working properly on your mobile browser. It might be possible that there is something wrong with your mobile browser. So, in this case, restart your software and also restart your phone. You also make sure that your browser is updated with the latest version.

Network not working properly

Sometimes your network issues create the problem. If your network has some issue then it will hamper your AOL email service. It becomes the reason of its not working properly. So to avoid all this, make sure your network is working properly and you have a high connection of the network.

Not receiving emails on AOL email

Another common problem that tackled by the users is that they are facing issue for receiving mails. Sometimes you sign in your account and not able to receive new mails then it will a generate problem for you. To resolve this problem you can do a few things. First look at messages in spam folders and make sure that is this problem occurs due to some filters or not. Sometimes your message has been delayed because of the heavy traffic and mail server problem. Also, check your network connection that is it working properly or not because sometimes network issue creates this problem.

 Reading and retrieving mail problem

If you are facing the problem of reading and retrieving mail then you need to resolve them as soon as possible. As we know these emails are very important while we are doing some urgent and important work. So, you have to find the solution immediately. To resolve this you can do various things like clear cache from the browser, you can also use AOL basic mail that helps you to read your document and you also need to disable the pop up blocking.

Unable to send email

 If you are unable to send an email like you are not receiving the email then you can contact the AOL mail customer care phone number. The network can be the reason for this, so check your network connection. You can also do other things to resolve this problem like restart your system and then log in your account, clear your cache and clear your browser history, you can also try to open in another web browser, and update your system with the latest update because the sometimes outdated browser can be the reason for this. So, try all these suggestions to get rid of this problem.

Unable to view images

If you are having a problem with viewing an image on email attachments then you can get rid of this problem by doing some simple steps. To resolve this problem first check the attachment because sometimes your image may have been in an attachment instead of an image, you also need to reset your web setting because sometimes it changes automatically and then it starts creating the problem. So these are some tips that help you to solve this issue.

These are the most common problems that can affect your AOL mail service. To resolve all these issues you can contact the AOL mail customer care phone number. Their team of experts will be very happy to hear from you and they will be very happy to solve your query and you can also ask them about AOL mail other services as well. You can contact them through various means.

Ways through which you can contact AOL mail customer care phone number

Call: You can call them on their technical support phone number. Their team of expert will be very happy to solve your problem. They will take you through some easy steps to help you to get rid of the problem that hampers your email service.

Email: If you are unable to contact them via their phone number then email could be another platform to make your query.

Chat: You can also use their Chat option if you are having issues while operating the AOL mail services.

Facebook page: They also have their Facebook page. So this is another platform for you to make your query.

Twitter page: Like facebook then also have their twitter account. So use this to make your query.

So, these are some methods via which you can contact the AOL mail customer care phone number. So, whenever you need them, feel free to call them.

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