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Brother Printers is one of the well-established and recognized company names in the business of printer’s world. It has a huge reputation and customer base. It provides the great quality printers. As we know, printers are used to print documents and images at office and household. And Brothers Printers provides all the quality to meet the demand of the users. It provide great quality although, a user can face some issues regarding the brother printers. Some of the common problems that a user can entertain are:

Brother Printer Common Problems & Solutions

Problem 1

Printer does not print

This is one of the common problems that user can face while using brother printers. When printer does not print, it bothers your work and this lead to some harsh consequences. Numerous reasons are responsible for this. User can easily solve this problem by following the given solution.


When a user face this problem he or she first must be ensure that his or her printer is connected to the network or not. A User also needs to check the quality of the paper and level of the ink. A user can solve the queries by calling at the customer service number of the brother printers and get the best result of the query.

Problem 2

Issue of the paper jam

When this issue occurs your brother printer won’t able to print due to various problems like you haven’t load the paper in the input tray properly, overloading of the paper, quality of the paper, and quality of the cartridges.


First you need to check the paper because if there is moisture on the paper then printer won’t accept it. You also need to check the alignment of the paper and there is no stuffed material in your printer that blocks the path of the printer. And always make sure that your paper tray is not filled with full capacity, there always some space left in your paper tray.

Check your brother printer’s manual and ensure what kind of paper is needed.

Problem 3

Slow speed of the brother printer

There are so many internal and external reasons behind this problem. Slow speed of the brother printer affects you the most when you have to print in bulk and at that time it is very annoying. It can create big problem sometimes. So one need to solve this problem as soon as possible.


First you should check the setting. There can be chance that you set your setting at lower quality print. So make sure you set your setting at high print quality rather than lower quality print.  You also need to be careful about the resolution and the big files. or you may install Brother Printer utilities on your computer.

Problem 4

Ink warnings

Now every printer comes with the low ink warning system. This ink warning given by the brother printer so you get enough time to change the cartridge. This ink warning is given by the brother printer so your printer will not bear the consequences of low ink. But sometime your printer gives false ink warnings.


Sometime your brother printer gives you this warning when you have enough cartridges left in your printer. It also depends how often you use your brother printer. Make sure you replace your cartridge before it finished entirely.

Problem 5

Poor printing quality

 This problem is faced by the every user of the brother printer. There can be times when your print is incomplete or your brother printer print blurred images or documents. Sometimes it shows some mark on your paper that affects your documents.


First of all check the paper quality. If you are using low quality paper then it affects your final print. So always use good quality paper. Clean print heads so your image quality does not hamper. Keep check on it so you will not face the problem of poor quality printing.

Problem 6

Outdated drivers

When you are using brother printer make sure your drivers are updated. If you are using the outdated drivers then it will hamper your process.  Your printer can’t carry out its function if you have outdated drivers.


If this problem occurs one need to upgrade its drivers immediately. Up gradation of drivers help you to face this problem. You also need to check the brother website regularly for future updates so your print work efficiently.

Problem 7

Old machine and Fault in the machine.

You can also face problems if your brother printer is old and there is any fault in your brother printer. This can be possible that there is some issue in your hard wares.


Try to keep in check that your brother printer does not have in any fault. If your brother printer have some issue then try to fix it as soon as possible.


These were some of the common problem with brother printer. There can be various other problems as well with brother printer. These problems affect the user’s work. When you are using your brother printer and these issues occurs then it irritates you and annoys you. In these cases, you feel that you need to visit technician and repair your brother printer quickly. But this process takes too much time of yours. One can save its time by calling at the customer service number of brother printers. Brother printer technician team will help you to solve your queries and give you immediate help to download Brother printer drivers visit official website. Our IT experts dealt with all sort of trouble one can face while using brother printer. So our experts give you the best solution of all of your queries and help you to get rid from these entire problems. So feel free to call our brother customer support number and get best solution.

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