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Canon has established itself as a one of the well-known printer manufacturing company. It has been known as a company that provides remarkable printer. It has vast number of customer base. As we can say large numbers of people are dependent on its service. Canon printer comes with great variety of printers.  Some of the types of printer are Laser printer, inkjet printer, multifunctional inkjet printer and many more. Canon printers are known for their fast speed and effective quality. To use its service one need to install the canon printer first. Installing of printer is quiet tough as one needs to do so many arrangements. One can install the canon wireless printer by following the given steps. These instructions take you through step by step procedure from to accomplish your installation process.



  1. First of all, unbox your printer and place it some hygienic place as well as from where it is easily accessible. You need to place it some clean place because if you place in an area that is not clean then there is chance your printer to damage easily as dust goes into it and damages it inlets. And you need to be ensures that distance of power socket to printer is appropriate. If it is not at proper distance then adjust it accordingly.
  2. After this, you need to establish printer’s wireless connection which can take some time. It will take some time to be set up and if you want to establish your wireless printer via USB then you will need some accessories.
  3. Once you set up your wireless connection, you need to visit official website of canon. The reason of visiting the website is that from here you need to download the drivers. To download the driver you need to click on the link.
  4. In next step you need to mention the details of your canon wireless printer like the model of your canon printer and the OS version you are using.
  5. After filling the particulars, link will generate. To download the driver you need to visit click on that generated links.
  6. Then you need to wait till your download is complete. Once your file is downloaded, click on the file to install the drivers.
  7. Installation process will take some time from Then you need to step up your wireless server.
  8. You will need the Ethernet cable and USB to set your wireless server.
  9. You need to take care of that you place your wireless server near to the printer and your system.
  10. Once your system traced your wireless server connection, then you need to connect the Ethernet cable to both the router and the server form the link and then form the network through your device.
  11. After this, you need to press the tool button to go to the setting of your canon printer. Then go to the network setting.
  12. Then find WPS option.  Then you need to add your system DNS address to the list of devices in your canon printer.
  13. Once you done that, then you need to add the printer on the list of recognized devices through your system.
  14. Later, go to the start menu and then type on control panel and search for it.
  15. There you need to click on the printer and fax option from where you find the list of recognized devices.
  16. Then you need to find out that is your printer in recognized list or not, to do so click on scan option.  Wait for the scan and then click on the plus button as soon you find your device in it. This helps your device to add on the list of the recognized device.

After all that you canon printer is ready to use. Conduct a test to check that your printer working is properly. These are some easy steps which can help you to install the canon wireless printer on windows from official link.


You can also install canon wireless printer on window without USB. To do so, follow the given instructions.

  1. To install the canon wireless printer, place it in some place from where it is easily accessible.
  2. First you need to install the drivers in your system. To do so visit the canon official website.
  3. Once you reached the website, you will have to mention the details of your printer like your model number and the OS version.
  4. After submitting the details, a link will be generated by the website. You need to click on the link to download the drivers.
  5. Wait till your download is complete to the specified folder. Go to the folder after download process is complete. Then you need to install the drivers from the file.
  6. Then use printer to establish connection.
  7. Later, select tool option to go to the setting of your printer. Then find the WEP and SSID related to the printer. And note the value of DNS address of your printer that we will use later.
  8. In next step, turn on your printer.
  9. Then go to the setting option and then WEP option. And you need to insert these values here.
  10. Once you have done this, you need to insert the printer value in the system.
  11. Then go to the Control Panel and then Hardware option. There you need to select the printer and fax tab.
  12. Afterwards, you need to click on the option to add devices to your system.
  13. Then go to the scan option to add your printer. Once it is done, click on the plus button.
  14. This makes sure that your printer is connected to your system.

This is how you can install the canon wireless printer on windows without USB from official website. If you have any query related to it visit the canon official website or you can call at the customer care phone number of the canon.


Canon is the one of the leading brands of the printer. It has been known for its best quality printer and service. It has a huge customer base. Canon provides the many types of the printer like Inkjet Multifunction, Color Laser, Black and White laser, Mobile and Compact printer, Crafting printer, Mega inkjet printer, and many others.  It is very popular brand because of its great quality printer and efficiency. Installation of a printer requires certain arrangements and it can take some time of yours. So you need to visit to follow some below given steps to install canon printer without CD. You can install canon printer by using USB cable.

How to install canon printer without cd using USB cable from official website?

  • First of all place your canon printer where it is easily accessible. Make sure you clean that area first. Because if you put it on the area that is dusty then it will hamper your printer work like dust hampers your inkjet.
  • After this you need to connect USB to your canon printer. This allows the direct connection between your PC and your canon printer.
  • Then you need to plug in the USB into your system.
  • It means one end of your USB is connected to your canon printer and the other end to your system. Make sure wire is in straight line not twisted.
  • Make sure your canon printer is connected to your system and once you done it, you will get the notification from your system.
  • Afterwards, install the printer drivers from canon official website. For this, you need to visit
  • On canon website, you need to locate the link for the purpose of download the printer drivers.
  • Then there, you will ask by them to mention your printer model type and your currently using OS version.
  • After mentioning your details correctly, you will able to download the drivers from the canon website.
  • Then go to the folder there your downloaded files are being stored.
  • There find the installer packaged file.  These packaged files are associated with the installer files.
  • Then you need to click on installer file.
  • When it is finished, you need to do one last step. For this, you need to visit the Hardware section.
  • There you need to choose the Printer and Fax option. Once you choose the Printer and Fax option then open the list of devices.
  • In that list, you just need to locate your printer model you are using and add your printer model in your list.
  • After following this step by step process, your printer is ready to use. Check your printer that is it working properly or not.


These are some guidelines to install the canon printer without CD and With CD. These are very steps to follow. Once you followed all the steps then you are ready to use canon printer. While following these steps you will face any difficulty then you can call the customer support number of canon printer. Their expert team will help you to solve your problem that you are facing while installing the canon printer. Their team of experts gives you the best solution to help you to get rid from your problem so that you can easily install the canon printer from There are other problems like your printer is not working, low ink warning etc. So whenever you need them just feel free to call them.

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