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(1) is a official website to download Brother Printer drivers. Brother is one of the best Printer manufacturing company. Brother Printers are good in quality and cost effective, while purchasing Printer without second thought you can go for it. This blog website is just provide you technical info as well as to solve your all technical queries.

What is the purpose of

1.   The main purpose of Brother Printer Solutions Mac is to provide you latest & updated drivers for Brother Printer.

2.   This is a single web space where you can find all Brother Printer model drivers.

3.   While installing & setting up Printer need any assistant here you can find manuals for all Brother owned Printers.

4.   The best thing all the steps are very easy to apply so you no need to be a computer savvy.

5.   Apart from all above here you can find features for all Brother Printers which helps you while you selecting Printer.

Ways to setup Brother Printer on Mac

Steps to install Brother USB Printer on Mac

So lets start with the installation process, below are the all required instruction to install Brother Printer on Mac.

1.   Plug your Brother Printer to the power outlet and turn the Printer ON.

2.   Connect Brother Printer to Mac by The USB connection.

3.   Now click on the apple menu and select system preferences.

4.   Now locate Printer & Scan, Printers & Scanners or Print & fax then open it.

Brother Printer setup for MAc

5.   In this screen click on + button.

Brother Printer solutions for Mac

6.   Choose your Brother Printer from list, make sure you select the correct Printer from list, click on add.

7.   Machine is added to Mac now close system preferences.

Brother wireless Printer setup on MAC

NOTE: If your Printer not in the list no need to worry open select your OS & Printer model to download Brother Printer drivers for MAC. Make sure Brother Printer correctly connected with usb cable.

Instructions to install Brother wireless Printer on Mac by

To get help with Brother wireless Printer setup on Mac read below steps carefully.

1.   Connect Your Brother Printer machine to power outlet and turn ON the Printer.

2.   Open Printer menu go to network options select wireless connection.

3.   Choose your access point (WIFI router name) press ok.

4.   Enter your WIFI password then press continue and wait for 30-40 seconds.

5.   Once you see connection successful on Printer screen then follow below steps.

6.   In apple menu open system preferences option.

7.   Open Printers option and click on + Icon to add Printer.

8.   Mac will search for available Printers, select your Brother Printer and press next.

9.   This will setup Brother printer to Mac, if you want to use scan option as well then you need to download full drivers by visit official website.

NOTE: When you installing Brother wireless Printer installation on Mac OS, make sure your Printer and Mac computer both are connected with same wireless network.


Now you all know about the official website is support provider for Brother Printer. In above post we provide you all the require steps to install Brother Printer drivers USB and wireless on Mac computer. If you have any query related to this post or any other question you may ask in comment section.

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