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(2) is a web page which helps you to talk to a person. You can also search on google for talk to a person and click on the first link. As we all know about computers that have different operating systems like Windows, Mac and Android OS. talk to a person talk to a person

Most of the users are using Windows computers because they are easy to use according to Mac and android OS. While you are getting issues while working on a Windows computer it is very hard to contact Microsoft customer support. So in this article we are trying to help you with some common issues with Windows and steps to reach Microsoft live support agents.

List of common issues with Windows

  1. Computer working slow– This is one of the biggest issues for Computer users. Computer slow issues occur when you install unwanted apps or your computer has low hardware configuration like low ram, CPU or hard drive space. To fix the issue you need to make some space on your hard drive by removing unwanted apps and by defragmenting the hard drive.
  2. Unwanted ads notification- During using browsers like chrome, Firefox, edge etc. We opened some phishing websites by mistake, which installed some extensions in our browser. With the help of these extensions we are getting unnecessary ads and notifications. To get rid of them you need to install a trusted ad blocker on your computer or you need to remove those extensions manually, good antivirus also helps you in that.
  3. Printer Issues- It is very hectic while you want to print and Printer is not working. This issue occurs because of a software problem. To get rid of this issue, reconnect your Printer with the computer and turn it on.It will automatically install the needed Printer drivers for more help you may visit talk to a person any time.
  4. Microsoft store issue- To install applications in Windows 10, 11, we need to go to Microsoft store. Sometimes we found it showing Microsoft stores not connecting. To fix this issue you need to check your internet connectivity and you can also try relogging with your Windows ID. Still not fixed, then visit Microsoft store support for further help.
  5. Remove unused programs- We install many programs on our computer that we don’t need after sometime. To install those apps you must go to the control panel and then click on add remove program. Here you need to right click on the program which you want to remove then click on uninstall. Follow on screen instructions to remove the program from Windows computer, for more help contact Microsoft premises support.
  6. Setup Email- Setup Windows email app with your email account. Open an email app on your Windows computer and press next enter your email and password afterwards click next. It will set up your email account. Still have any question or query must visit talk to a person website.

Ways to contact talk to a person

Follow given different methods that help you to contact Microsoft customer support.

  1. Microsoft Phone Support – To get help with Microsoft products you can call on phone number for Microsoft which is 1-800-102-1100.
  2. Twitter handle for Microsoft- As we all are using social media platforms, you can reach Microsoft by twitter handle as well which is
  3. Facebook Page- You can contact Microsoft live chat support from Facebook page

CONCLUSION – In this article you all know the solutions for common problems with your Windows computer. This will help you to reach Microsoft customer support by visiting talk to a person. Still need more info. You must ask in the comment section below.

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