How can I renew expired Microsoft office 365?

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To renew expired Microsoft office 365 get help from this article. A number of well-known Microsoft products is Office software. It is the base for many of the jobs we carry out at home and on work computers. Most users are moving towards Office 365, a cloud-based subscription program. It is mandatory to renew your Microsoft office subscription according to your plan since the activation code is linked to the email you have registered.

renew expired Microsoft office 365
renew expired Microsoft office 365

Method to renew expired Microsoft Office 365

We’ve tried to cover all activation methods below. These methods are most likely to are compatible on Office 2021/2019/2016. We’ll assume you already have an unauthorised copy Microsoft Office installed on your computer prior to beginning the process.

  1. Make sure you activate Your Microsoft Account to access Office.

You don’t require any keys for your products in the event that the license you have already purchased is a license or are merely trying to install Microsoft Office on a new PC. All you need to do is sign in using your Microsoft Account you used to purchase the license.

The license that is eligible for Office is automatically downloaded by your account. In the event that your account has been connected with more than one Office license, Office will show them each one, so you can choose the one that you prefer to activate.

This method to activate your copy of Office is more simple and secure. It is not necessary to store the keys to your Office product elsewhere if you utilize this method. Here’s how to login and enable Office.

  1. Start any Office software (Word, Excel, etc.)
  2. There will be a pop-up that asks you to sign in and then click the Sign In button. Alternative: Choose Account > File > Product activation.
  3. Enter the login details for the account connected to the Office license.
  4. Select a license from the selection available. Only if you own multiple licenses, does this apply.

Make use of a product key to activate Office.

Office License must have been given to you in the form of a product key , regardless of whether you bought it from an online or physical store. The key to the product will immediately activate Microsoft Office 365. However, it is recommended to Sign In using the same account following initial connecting your product key. You can do this using these instructions. Be sure to have the product key at your desk.

  1. Visit Utilizing Your Microsoft account to sign in.
  2. Then enter the Microsoft office product key of 25 characters which was previously mentioned.
  3. Select your preferred language and country. Select the next.
  4. Then, you’ll be taken into your Microsoft Services and Subscriptions Page.
  5. For the download of your setup search for the item you have activated and press Install Now.
  6. For installation of Office on your PC start the setup.
  7. Log in with that same Microsoft Account when requested.

You are able to skip step 6 when you already have Office installed. Click Account > File > Product Activation to sign into. The licence has been linked to your account via this one-time process. The key to the product will be always available within the account of your Microsoft Account, so you will not have to keep the track of it.

Use Microsoft’s Office Activation Wizard to activate.

An Activation Wizard is displayed in the event that a copy of Office is at the end of its trial period or has not been activated. It is possible to experience problems with activation when you change part of the hardware in your PC, which the Activation Wizard can solve. The dialog box in itself has all the necessary instructions and makes the activation wizard extremely useful. Select I would like to activate the software via the Internet and select Next for a chance to enable Office online. If you prefer calling Microsoft Support to activate the product via phone, you may also opt for the option. The best option in the event that you’re not able to activate the product is to contact Microsoft Support.


The process of activating Microsoft Office 365 is incredibly easy and secure. Office on Windows can be activated in many different methods. You must follow the rules that are suitable to your particular situation. Make use of Microsoft Office activation troubleshooters in case you encounter any issues in the activation process.

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